Answer to the “Square” picture

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Aug 072012

This post contains the answer to the “How many squares can you count’  puzzle on Facebook and Google + so be warned. If you haven’t already answered it, this is the time to get it your best shot.

The trick here is to count the number of squares you can see.  Majority of people tend to omit certain element as seen below. The original post claimed they could only find 27 squares. Majority of people will find 34, 36, or 38.  How many can you find?

Here’s the puzzle.

How many squares do you see in this image, we keep getting stuck at 27?


A lot of good guesses on the square puzzle that has been showing up on a lot of people’s timelines recently. Most tend to forget the 2 boxes that the 4 smaller boxes are contained in, and the 4 – 3×3 boxes.

The correct answer is: 40

Here’s how it done.

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Tulips at The RBG

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Aug 012012

Tulips at the Royal Botanical Gardens

The day that i chose to purchase my new camera in 2010, I knew one of the first places that I would venture to to take some shots was the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario!  Hundreds of thousands of flowers, birds, animals, plants, herbs and spices grow on their grounds!

This particular day was the first day of the annual Tulip festival. More than 150,000 tulips in different colors, sizes, and styles are on display for a few week period each spring. Weather couldn’t be any more perfect. Sunny, warm and a gentle breeze the carried the scent of the tulips throughout the gardens. Was one of those days you wait for, and enjoy!

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Sunset in Ontario’s North

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Aug 012012

Holding The Sun

This picture was taken in Port Elgin, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron.

My niece Meghan was gracious enough to accompany me on this excursion. I whipped out my ND8 filter, and attached to my camera. After taking a few shots, we came up with the idea of Meghan holding the sun in her hands.

I think the effect was quite nice. This photo is untouched.

View Larger Map

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Creating an alias for

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Aug 012012

{EAV:cbee85bf35aa1568} (formerly is gong through their public beta currently, and now is the time that you should think about reserving your email alias. This of course goes on the assumption that you want to create an alias with

Step 1 – Account tools

You need to click on the cog looking icon on your toolbar at the top right of your window, then on the “More Mail Settings” link:


Step 2 – Managing your account

In the “Managing your account” section, select “Create a Outlook alias”

Step 3 – Create your alias

All that’s left for you to do is to enter in your alias, and domain name (; or

That’s pretty much it.

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