Model Train show – Royal Botanical Gardens

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Nov 192012

Had an outstanding time at the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Burlington this past weekend.

My lovely wife, Deann and I ventured down there without the kids, hoping to scratch a few names off of our Christmas list at the Auxiliary Show and Sale. Was quite surprised to see Santa Claus and a few of his reindeer there. He too was in quite the festive mood, giving out candy canes to all the young children, who were simply grinning from ear to ear with delight. Father Christmas as he’s also known as, rarely brings his reindeer with him when greeting the kids, so it was a real nice treat. He said that when the kids are able to see him at the RBG this year, his reindeer will be there too for the kids to see and meet. He told me in confidence that his reindeer seem to like a lot of the vegetables that the RBG grows. Who can blame them??

One of the best parts of the visit was seeing the model trains. Last year, the trains were in the far back of the main building by the tropical plants. This year, they have moved them down in the arboretum. Multiple tracks, bridges that you can walk under, even a 20 foot tall CN Tower!!!

Image of a train crossing over head on a bridge

Train crossing overhead on a bridge at the RBG

As usual, we had a fantastic time. Saw a lot of familiar faces from our years of exhibiting at the RBG Auxiliary sale!

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Pinterest – Verifying Your Website Made Simple

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Nov 162012

showing verified link for

Have you wondered if you could verify your website or blog on Pinterest?

In short, the answer is yes!

This is a very easy process that shouldn’t take most people more than a few minutes to accomplish.

Following these few steps will make the process quite easy!

Step 1 – Log in

Log in to your Pinterest Account, and click on your image in the top right corner.

Step 2 – Go to settings

Click on your name, then click on settings







Step 3:  Input Website/Blog

Scroll down to where the entry for your website or blog is located. Either enter your website or blog address (don’t need to worry about http://)

Image shows where the website address is entered



Step 4: Click to Verify

Click on the “Verify Website” link.

Step 5: Download Verification Page

You will be asked to download a verification webpage that you must upload to your website.

Step 6: Upload Page and Verify

After you have downloaded this website, you need to upload it to the “root” of your website (not in a subfolder, right in the root for your website). When you are done, return to Pinterest and click the link “Click here to complete the process.”


If you have done this correctly, you should now be verified. Otherwise, double check that the address you entered for your website/blog is correct, and that you uploaded the web page to the root of your website.

For WordPress Users:

Assuming that you are using a hosting service for your website/blog, and are using CPanel – do the following to upload your verification page.

Step 1: Logon

Login to your hosting service and open CPanel and click “File Manager”

Step 2:  Click on “Web Root”

Image showing "web root"








Step 3. Upload the webpage

  • Upload the web page that you downloaded from Pinterest by selecting “Upload” from the menubar at the top. Select “Choose File”.
  • Browse to where the Pinterest HTML file saved on your computer.
  • Click “Open” and the file will upload to your server.

Step 5: Return to Pinterest

Return to Pinterest and click where it says, “Click here to complete the process.”

At this point your website/blog have been verified!

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Monday November 05, 2012 – Images

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Nov 052012

Today is #MoodyMonday on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and more. Here are todays pictures that i am posting.

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