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Adding links to Pins

I have been speaking with a number of folks regarding Pinterest, and how to better use the service. One thing that comes immediately to mind is the ability to drive traffic to your website of blog, giving credit to the original post, or even where you saw the image/video in the first place.  This is accomplished by adding links to your Pins.

Adding a pin

As you know, there are a couple of ways to upload a Pin to Pinterest. “Add a Pin”, and “Upload a Pin”. Let’s first talk about Adding a Pin.

This option allows us to input a URL to the page that contains the image we wish to Pin. In the image below, I selected a random page from one of my websites.

Pinterest will now visit the page, looking for images.  Once it finds one, the following appears.

Notice how the URL is all filled out for you? This image is already linked to the website where the image originated, and now when any one views this post, and clicks on the image, they will automatically have a new page open up, and will visit my website.  Pretty slick eh?

NOTE: Make use of the Prev and Next buttons located under the image to navigate, should the page in question contain multiple images.

Uploading a Pin

The other option of adding a pin to your board(s) is to “Upload” a pin.

Select “Choose File” and a navigational box appears which allows you to choose a file from your computer. Once you have selected your file, a screen much like the following appears,  allowing you the opportunity to select the board (even create a new one), and enter a description before you Pin It.

Problem is, where do you create a link back to your website or blog?

Once the image has been pinned,  “view it”, you will see the following:

Notice that on your own images, you have “Edit”.  Click on Edit, you can not only change your Description or board you wish to post to, but at this point you can add a URL or link.

This same trick works on all of your pins, not just on uploaded pins.


Not only are links a great way to appreciate the owners of picture or website/blog, but can also be a great way for you to promote yourself or your business.


I will use an example that I routinely use to illistrate the use of Links in Pins.

You are a Real Estate Broker.  Not only is it your job to sell homes, but you must also attract the most attention. Pinterest is a great way to help with that.

You already have an outstanding website where you list all of the homes you have for rent or sale.  Perfect!  Maybe you have a blog?  Maybe you are looking for new mediums to spread the word?  Facebook is great, but that means becoming friends with everyone. Twitter is a great utility for posting quick links such as “4 storey bungalow in your town for only $1,299,999.99 <enter url here>”.  This too is just fine, but most people only see a few posts, and the rest are sadly missed. Sure you could use keywords, or hashtags, but more often than not, they’re missed.  Google+ is still in it’s infancy, and offers both the best and worst of both Twitter and Facebook.

What can you do?

With Pinterest, you can create virtual pin boards. Perhaps a different board for different cities, or areas of a city if you’re mostly location based.  Perhaps price ranges? Features?  You can also offer design tips for kitchens, or bedrooms?  Perhaps you have friends who offer services such as financing, repairs, renvoations, etc.

But one of the major things that Pinterest can do for you, is link to you.  For instance, I write up a blog on that same house I tweeted about above. It’s on my personal website dedicated to real estate. I offer up pictures, details, layouts, etc.  My webpages are simply outstanding. Now what i can do is Pin one of the images, and link it to my website. Perhaps I am linking to that specific blog post. Perhaps it opens a couple of pages. One, the blog post, another is a small window with all of my contact details, and ways to communicate with me.  Twitter, Facebook, G+, Office, Cell, Home, Website, etc.  Make Pinterest to work FOR you.

But Ian, I don’t have a business.

So, you don’t have a business, and you don’t see what the point of linking is?  Well, you have ways to direct people to things  you find interesting. Perhaps you like collecting tea cups?  As you surf the web, you find images you like, and decide, “I am going to pin that!!”. So, you use the Pinterest Bookmarklet (Pin It Button), and pin it to your board. Linking back to the site is a great way to become influential in the genre of tea cups, by becoming a directory service if you will.  If someone else is looking for Tea Cups, they will find my board, follow it, and that’s how my network will grow. I know that when i visit my friend Lisa’s board on Sauerkraut, i know that she has a lot of information about different kinds, where to buy, how to make, etc. So, when i am looking for something, or which to redirect someone to it. I pin it, linking the viewer back to where it came from. Nice little community is now formed.

Your Pin can greatly influence  others.  Use that power to your advantage.  Why give up free advertising or influence?

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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