Dec 062012

Well, finally Google+ is adding something that has been sorely missing since it debuted in June 2011 – The ability to “Group” like minded people together and provide them with a place to communicate on a topic. Today (December 06, 2012) Google announced¬†the introduction of Google Communities to Google+.

What does that mean?

It means that you can create and join “groups” with like minded people, and collaborate with them on a specific topic. Imagine that you are looking to communicate with others on your favorite sports team, or diet, film genre or other topic that interests you. Up until now you would create and share a “Circle”, or make use of the #hashtag (such as #Android) and hope that others may find you. Communities will allow you to collaborate to the larger group either as a public (meaning anyone can see it), or Private post (only group members will see it).You will have the ability to create Events and have live chats via “Hangout”

Sounds to me like a lot of Google “Pages” may now¬†disappear?

Should be interesting to see how this all works out. Google says they are rolling out this ‘preview’ feature today. I read this as not everyone will have access today. As of this post, I have not yet received the upgrade.

Why is it we’re still on Facebook again?


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