May 302013

It seems amazing to me that just 1 week ago we were seeing snow fall in some Ontario regions, making it the latest snowfall had been recorded in a number of Ontario Communities. Forward just a few days, and we’re now seeing mid-summer temperatures, and all the joy that brings. Hot, Hazy and Humid conditions.  Many areas seeing humidex values in the mid to upper 30°c range. As we look ahead to the next few days, much of the same conditions will continue.

Cooler weather looks to return for next week, with temperatures below seasonable norms.

Sun Cloud and thunderstormsToday, we’ll have sun and cloud with a chance of thunderstorms. When the heat and humidity go up, so do the chances for thunderstorms. So the question begs, are we going to see any severe weather? Yes, there is a slight chance, mainly because of the instability in the atmosphere. The closer to Lake Huron you may be, the better your chances.  Northern reaches will likely see rainfall warnings posted later today.


Sun Cloud and thunderstormsTomorrow (May 31, 2013). It’s time for the weekend!  What do you have planned?  Lots to see and do over the weekend. Our weather looks to be a continuation of the same; Sun and cloud, risk of a thunderstorm. High near 28c, with humidex values in the mid to upper 30s. The chances for severe weather increase across the region. 5pm just won’t come soon enough for many of us. Drive safe as you head north.


Sun Cloud and thunderstormsSaturday (June 01). Welcome to June! In less than a month, the kids will be done school! (you’re welcome) Conditions should remain the same only slightly cooler. Increased risk of showers, and thunderstorms. Those Southwestern Ontario will see an even higher risk of seeing severe weather.  High just 24, with humidity feeling like 30.

Lots to see an do today. Maybe check out the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival . Whatever you do, have a safe Saturday!


Sun Cloud and thunderstormsSunday, (June 02). A big day for some of my friends who are participating in Niagara Falls Womans half marathon. So proud of you all for taking part!  I am sorry to say that your day is looking like it will be wet with some isolated showers.

High of 23.

The probability of precipitation at this point looks to be near 70% (that’s does not mean that the probability of it raining all day, it means the chances of you seeing precip, period).

Enjoy your Thursday everyone, and stay cool.

Remember, it doesn’t take long for your car to heat up significantly, so keep your pets and children safe, and don’t leave them in your car.

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