Feb 202013

How to fix the “App Can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” Error

OK, so let’s start with what the error is. Starting with “Mountain Lion” the OS defaults to preventing applications who aren’t updating their applications through the App Store (or from developers who haven’t identified themselves with Apple) from being installed.  You will see messages like the following:


The security feature at play here is called Gatekeeper. You don’t need to worry too much about what it is; just know that  you can still install/run the application(s).

Temporary Solution

This is the one that most people ‘should‘ choose, as it leaves the control over what is installed on your machine up to you, and with your knowledge, thus preventing potentially malicious software from being installed without your knowledge.

All that’s required of you is to Right-Click (Control+click) the application or package in question, and choose “Open”, then click the button “Open”.

open perms

You can do this with any application that gives you the warning.

Nice and simple.

Permanent Solution

Some of you may be more daring and live life carefree, and would like to disable this “Gatekeeper” security thingy altogether. Well, at least for now you can.

1. Open your System Preferences

2. Choose “Security & Privacy” – General tab

3. Click on the lock/unlock button (to unlock and grant permissions to make changes)

4. Change the “Allow applications downloaded from” setting from “Mac App Store and identified developers” to “Anywhere”.

security and priv


5. You can now launch/install applications without Gatekeeper preventing you.


Hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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