Jul 232012

Happy Monday, July 23, 2012

What a weekend. Hot, sticky, and humid. 3 things that I like very little. But with this kind of weather, we run the risk of seeing thunderstorms, as we did yesterday in parts of Southern Ontario. Here in Burlington, we saw enough rain over a few hour span to flood parts of the city. A few stores reported flooding, parking lots are still showing signs of the rain that fell.

So, what about today?

Yes, there is what they call a slight risk for thunderstorms today, and even a chance of seeing tornados through southwestern and Eastern Ontario. If these are to show up, look for areas that generally see snow squalls to see the bulk of the “fun”. Places like Woodstock/London, Barrie and area, Brockville/Ottawa region. Might even see something though the Caledon/Orangeville regions. Could be fun for some of my storm chasing friends today!!

Forecast for the Niagara Falls – Toronto regions, including Burlington and Hamilton:

A mix of sun and cloud. 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms later on today. Wind shifting to SW 40 gusting to 60KM/h later this morning (which should cause lift, one of the necessary elements for thunderstorms).

High of 34 (94f) Humidex reading of 40c(104f)

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Hello! My name is Ian and I have been addicted to weather since I was about 3. My hero growing up wasn't the police man, superman or even a teacher. Mine was a Meteorologist named Percy Saltzman. I have been chasing storms for a long as I can remember and according to my doctor, I am NOT crazy. I am a storm chaser, weather freak, Social Media Educator, amateur Photographer, speaker and father of Twins.

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