May 212013

Today was my first semi-chase of the 2013 year.  Storms rolled in from Michigan in late morning, and raced across Ontario at about 70km/h, hitting north of the Toronto area around 12:30-1pm.

I headed out, and travelled north along highway 404 to Davis Drive (Hwy 9) with the hopes of intercepting the strongest part of the storm when it arrived  west of Hwy 400.  It shouldn’t have been a much of an issue given time and distance.

Small problem was this summertime phenomenon known as CONSTRUCTION, which impeded my progress west.  I could see the strong gust front approaching, but with stop and go traffic on a busy street, there was no where to pull off to film.  I was hit by a torrential rain storm just east of 400 near Jane Street.

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Here is the view of the rain torrent moments after it started. Camera was mounted.  My other ‘mounted’ camera had just fallen, and was unable to provide much useful footage.  I did see what I thought were scud funnels, but with the rain being so hard, it was hard to really see.

Upon driving south on the 400 I was hit again, this time by the flank side of the storm and with pea to dime sized hail and strong powerful winds that I would estimate at about 80 km/h.

The 400 had become victim to some heavy ponding, but the video didn’t turn out as the rain was too hard to see.  By the time I’d hit Canada’s Wonderland it was all over. Clear skies to the west were prevailing, and the low level clouds were moving quickly east into the Richmond Hill/Markham area. By the time I was back in my office, the worst had passed.

Not too terribly exciting, but it was great to get out and chase again.

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Hello! My name is Ian and I have been addicted to weather since I was about 3. My hero growing up wasn't the police man, superman or even a teacher. Mine was a Meteorologist named Percy Saltzman. I have been chasing storms for a long as I can remember and according to my doctor, I am NOT crazy. I am a storm chaser, weather freak, Social Media Educator, amateur Photographer, speaker and father of Twins.

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