Amazing Lightning shot from Hawaii

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Jul 312013

You’ve just got to watch this. (happens about 15 seconds into the video)   A little too close for comfort. TweetPlease share this post!

Under the Storms of July 19, 2013

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Jul 202013

July 19, 2013 A series of severe thunderstorms swept across Southern Ontario, bringing with them heavy rains, high winds and near constant lightning. This day had been forecasted for days as “above average risk of severe weather” Chase day Woke up at 6:00am to check on the forecast before deciding on where to go. ┬áHaving […]

Recognizing Sunstroke

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Jul 152013

Sunstroke Sunstroke is a condition that develops when the body cannot control the temperature of the body. It occurs when the body is exposed to excess heat. Although the symptoms are similar, sunstroke is more severe than heatstroke and is often considered a life-threatening condition. Causes of Sunstroke The human body is a well oiled […]