Tulips at The RBG

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Aug 012012

Tulips at the Royal Botanical Gardens

The day that i chose to purchase my new camera in 2010, I knew one of the first places that I would venture to to take some shots was the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario!  Hundreds of thousands of flowers, birds, animals, plants, herbs and spices grow on their grounds!

This particular day was the first day of the annual Tulip festival. More than 150,000 tulips in different colors, sizes, and styles are on display for a few week period each spring. Weather couldn’t be any more perfect. Sunny, warm and a gentle breeze the carried the scent of the tulips throughout the gardens. Was one of those days you wait for, and enjoy!

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Sunflowers everywhere

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Jul 222012

Sunflowers in bloom

Sunflowers in Bloom

Nearby our home is a little farm that grows sunflowers. There are so few sunflower farms around anymore, but this one is one of the most photographed. Yesterday, went I drove by, there had to be nearly 100 cars lined up along-side the road waiting for their turn to snap a few pics.

Instead of battling with everyone, I waited until first light, when the lighting would be optimal, and there would be me, and a couple of bunnies around. I certainly wasn’t expecting to run in to a family of deer. It’s a shame that they are so easily spooked, I nearly had them on film.

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