Oct 202012

A few weeks back, we purchased a Sony Wx-150 point and shoot camera to help shoot video when we’re on the road.  I came to find out that we can mount a wide angle lens on this little point and shoot, giving us a 15mm ultra wide angle.  The lens arrived yesterday after being held up in customs for the majority of it’s travelling time from Michigan.

So far, i have to say that i am quite impressed. Not too mention that this lens works exceptionally well on my Sony DSLR camera to boot!  The down side of the lens attached to the wx-150, is that we can not zoom past 1.5x, thus limiting some of the features, but that’s ok.  This camera’s purpose was originally for close up video in the first place, not to zoom in on mountains.

The results of limited testing are quite positive thus far.  The following pictures were taken in earlier this morning, at a distance of 8″ from the salt lamp. No real lighting other than what mother nature brought from outside, and the lamp itself.

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